I have been getting massages for many years and Heather is simply the best therapist I have seen. Deep tissue is my personal favorite massage style and I always feel fantastic coming out of these sessions with Heather. She is very thorough, focuses on my problem areas and always checks to be sure I have no new issues since my last visit. For those who prefer a lighter touch or a different style, rest assured that Heather can do it all. This year I tried cupping for the first time and I am totally hooked! Heather is a talented professional and I love her new location.


Nancy Gill


Fantastic massage and very knowledgeable. Heather was great! Had a thai massage session with some cupping added in. May i just say WOW. i melted like butter. Best of all my lower back pain is gone. I will be definitely seeing her again!!!


Michelle Ary


Heather is super professional and knows her stuff. As an athlete I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for years and was skeptical I’d ever find something to help. After going to the Pure Therapy regularly my quality of life has improved and I’m shoulder pain free. Definitely recommend!


Daniel Gilmartin


Heather is a master at the art of massage. While some people look to massage to relax and de-stress others require it due to chronic illness; I fall into both those categories. While I need massage to manage my chronic illness (which presents major spasticity in my muscles) I always leave feeling like I was in a spa but with a medical grade massage. She is the type of person who doctors should refer their patients to before they are considering joint replacement, spinal surgery, etc. I’ve tried physical therapy, reiki, acupuncture, and countless massage therapists. Heather’s cupping at Pure Therapy is by far the most effective type of treatment for me. It breaks up the fascia in a relaxing, non painful way that a deep sports tissue massage at a spa couldn’t get. She is very in tune with the body and can sense what part needs the work next, which always amazes me. Plus, her space is immaculate & peaceful and the pricing is nice for all that you get. I would recommend Heather to anyone, especially the athlete who likes deep tissue, those suffering from fibromyalgia, TMJ, arthritis, or a chronic illness which presents pain and stiffness.


Christine Thearle