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Cupping & Bodywork

Cupping Therapy is one of the oldest healing modalities in history, dating back thousands of years. This therapy is still used today and for good reason. It works and is a superior treatment for many of the body’s ailments.Cupping uses negative pressure, or suction, to draw skin and connective tissue upward. This pull allows for the separation of adhered tissue and muscle fiber.

Cupping therapy has a powerful effect on blood, lymph and interstitial fluid, the solution that bathes and surrounds our cells. The cup’s vacuum effect can draw out debris trapped in soft tissue, like lactic acid and old blood deposits from injury or surgery.

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This cellular waste is brought to the surface (sometimes in the form of a discoloration) for the lymphatic system to dispose of.

Cupping results in vascular dilation, the widening of blood vessels, thus allowing a rush of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow into the troubled, dehydrated or malnourished muscles and the surrounding areas.

Now the body can facilitate the healing it was designed for, without the constant burden of unwanted stagnant waste and debris. The pathways for fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients are now open.

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In addition to releasing tight muscles and increasing range of motion, cupping is also beneficial for conditions such as high blood pressure, sciatica, fibromyalgia and circulatory and respiratory conditions. It is also suitable for menstrual problems, edema, insomnia, facial paralysis, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, constipation and the common cold.

Effects on Muscles & Joints
• Increased blood flow to muscles
• Reduced congestion/inflammation from the joint capsule, reducing stiffness
• Removal of lactic acid and metabolic wastes
• Increased range of motion
• Stimulation and secretion of synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates our joints)
• Post cupped muscles maintain increased temperature and fluid facilitation much longer than traditional therapy.

Effects to the Skin
• Expands blood vessels increasing circulation, functioning of sweat glands, and nutrition supply to tissues.
• Stimulates collagen
• Withdraws stagnant blood
• Detoxification by accelerating secretion of sebaceous matter
• Strengthens skin’s renewal power

Effects on the Circulatory System
• Purifying of the blood
• Improved circulation of blood and lymph
• Increased red and white blood cell activity
• Alters PH from acidic to alkaline
• Very beneficial for hardened arteries by gently stretching and breaking up micro adhesions of the arterial walls.

Effects to the Digestive System
• Stretching action on the abdominal region
• Stimulates digestive organs and peristalsis
• Strengthens digestion overall
• Increased digestive fluids
• Elevated uptake and absorption of nutrients
• The digestive system is positively effected even during back treatments by stimulating the spine and nervous system.

Effects on the Nervous System
• The pulling action sedates nervous system
• Reduction of body pain
• Relaxation of organs
• Effective against depression, anxiety, pain and fatigue
• Improved sleep


Cupping Keyport NJ

Cumulative sessions yield the best results. It takes years for these conditions to build, they cannot always be broken down from your first session. Yet sometimes even in a single treatment, tremendous progress can be made and a chronic physical issue may be resolved.

The approach at Pure Therapy is to proceed carefully. I like to see how you respond after your first session and develop a safe and effective treatment plan from there, based on your reaction.

This way you receive the best experience that cupping has to offer without any negative effects that might come from over stimulation by an inexperienced practitioner. I would never start a deep tissue massage with maximum pressure; the same goes for the negative pressure of cupping.

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