Facial Cupping Keyport NJ

Facial Cupping

The musculature of the face is often acknowledged less than our sore back and shoulders. We get massage and cupping for our bodies, but often do little to release the muscle tension and fluid that collects within our facial muscles.

Across Europe and Asia, people have been using facial cupping for rejuvenation and maintenance for generations. This technique eliminates build up of fluids and waste in the face and neck, along with relaxing the muscles of the face.

Facial cupping uses small delicate glass cups that are contoured specially for the face, to vacuum and lift the facial tissue, mimicking the pumping movements of lymphatic drainage.

The drainage of stagnant fluids can reduce fluid retention in the face. When the lymph nodes in the neck and axillary area (armpits) become congested, the excess fluid in the face has nowhere to drain. This results in chronic sinus issues, puffiness and visible stress in the face.

Facial Cupping Keyport NJ

Facial cupping treatments begin with the neck and upper chest to drain any congestion existing in these important lymph drainage pathways, before we start stirring up excess fluids in the face.

Care is then taken with delicate facial cupping technique to ensure no cupping marks or discolorations are ever left behind, other than the temporary desired flush of fresh circulation under the skin.

No stationary cupping is ever used on the face in this application; just smooth, gentle gliding, lifting and releasing techniques in the appropriate areas.

Face Cupping Keyport NJ

Lines and wrinkles can plump, and scar tissue and TMJ muscles can soften with the gentle negative pressure of facial cupping.

The 43 muscles of the face can benefit greatly from a reduction in tightness and tension. Other benefits include:

• Increased circulation to the skin
• Increased blood and nutrients brought to the epidermis
• Reduced headaches from eye fatigue
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Decreased facial paralysis from certain conditions
• Relaxation of facial muscles for a less stressed out appearance (especially in the forehead)
• Relief from sinus stagnation
• Release of tight TMJ muscles

Facial Cupping Therapy Keyport NJ

A single 40 minute treatment of facial cupping can show impressive and relaxing results, but best results are achieved with cumulative sessions. 1-2 times per week is suggested.

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