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What is Hypnosis?

To understand hypnosis, we must first understand the inner workings and structure of the mind itself. When we imagine our mind, most often we think of that little voice inside our head which tells us what to do. Indeed, this inner voice, known to psychology as the ego, is a part of the mind. However, it is not the mind in its totality. Beneath the surface of our conscious thinking, guarded by that inner voice, is the subconscious.

The subconscious is a deeper, more primal part of the mind. It is here where all memories are stored, and all feeling takes place. Whereas the ego handles our conscious thought, the subconscious is responsible for our instinct and emotion. Whereas the ego is critical and discriminating, the subconscious exists only in the moment and takes everything at face value. As our lives progress, events and people make innumerable impressions on our subconscious mind. It’s these impressions which shape our way of thinking.

Here is where trouble begins to brew. While we may consciously be able to take things in stride, the subconscious mind can hold on to feelings and memories from both childhood and adulthood with or without our knowledge. As these impressions form the prime directives of our subconscious, they can manifest as sadness, stress, fear, aversion, addiction, mental rigidity and habitual patterns of thinking which can keep us from living our best lives.

Unlike traditional talk therapy which deals with the ego alone, hypnosis works on a deeper, more intuitive level. Hypnosis is not a technique but a state of consciousness where the lines of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind are opened. Rather than dealing with just the ego, we can work with the whole of our mind to achieve lasting, foundational change. Thus, what takes years on the couch with a psychologist can be accomplished in only a few sessions with a hypnotist.

Hypnosis is useful for:
• Stress management
• Pain management
• Deeper, more peaceful sleep
• Talent enhancement
• Smoking cessation
• Weight loss
• Improved emotional wellbeing
• Mental balance
• Personal growth and development

What to Expect

Before we begin our session, we first discuss our goals, expectations and what we hope to achieve through hypnosis. The mind is a complex place which must be explored with sensitivity and openness. As such, it’s best to be begin from a place of mutual understanding and clear communication.

At Pure Therapy, we deal with a wide variety of issues for which there is no one right path. Each session is as unique as you are, and may incorporate a variety of techniques which we’ll discuss at the start of each session.

Once we’ve discussed the purpose of our session, we can begin.

Many who enter a state of hypnosis for the first time are surprised at just how relaxing it feels. Once that critical inner voice is set aside, clients find their minds to be a calm and unfrightening place where transformative work can be done safely and comfortably.

Hypnosis uses a combination of visualization techniques, imaginative exercises, hypnotic triggers and affirmations to achieve our goals and create healthier, more adaptable frames of mind. Some sessions involve a lot of talking on the part of the hypnotist, others may be more interactive. No two sessions are ever the same.

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